ICE Talent Agency

Gaming Entertainment Specialists: Providers of outstanding talent for the casino industry's unique needs.  We provide Go Go dancers, Promotional Models, Model Dealers and MORE from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Tampa, Anchorage, and even Canada!  With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, the founders of ICE Talent Agency have taken their passion to another level by setting a reputable name in the worlds of casinos, conventions, and concerts.  We will strive to exceed your expectations whilst doing so within your budget.  If you are seeking reliable, talented and beautiful entertainers, ICE Talent Agency is the service provider you are looking for.

Model Dealers

Click here to learn how Casino Job Center can assist you in staffing your Las Vegas casino or event with skilled Model Dealers.

Promo Models

A Promotional Model is a person who creates demand for a product, service or brand by interacting directly with clients and consumers.  They deliver a “live” experience, a hands on demonstration, and your product knowledge directly to new and existing consumers.

Go Go Dancers

Event or "Go Go" dancers are performers who entertain crowds at casinos, nightclubs, conventions, pools, or concerts.  ICE performers are experienced in elevating the energy of your party, keeping your patrons engaged, adding a personalized touch to your event, and increasing gaming revenue on the casino floor.

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